Finding The Best Fixie Bikes for Sale

When it comes to fixie bikes for sale, you will come across many options because this is one of the few things that have evolved as a trend and this trend is surely here to stay. For those who assume the fixie bikes to be like those big shot bikes, you need a little bit of understanding about the matter. Simply break up the name and the explanation is there all around you. Yes! A fixie bike as it is popularly known is basically a fixed gear bicycle or a fixed wheel bicycle. The idea of the freewheel design was propagated in the historic times. However, it is the fixed wheel design that is prominent these days even on racing tracks. Unlike the big shot bikes that are more for fancy than for utility, a fixed gear bicycle is great for those who are fond of hitting the road on their bicycled or look at cycling as a sport!

What does a good fixie bike look like?

Okay so you have decided to pick one from the fixies for sale. But, are you really aware of what you want? Do you know how to choose a good model? If not, here are some suggestions to help you understand how a good fixed gear bike looks like:

The wheels: Any fixies bike is as good as the pair of wheels that it roles on. Therefore, checking the wheel condition is important. You need to ensure that you are buying a bike with wheels that have sturdy grip on the road and are still able to effortlessly glide the bike through on different surfaces.

Crankset: Check the quality of the crankset because this is what will determine the strength of the bike. This is because these cranks will transfer the power from your legs into the rear wheels of the bike therefore propelling you forward.
Finding the right one:

When it comes to looking for a fixie bike, here are some places that you can start searching for:

The internet: These days you get everything from baby diapers to groceries on the internet so why not fixed gear bikes? Try a simple Google search and you will come across several online portals as well as independent biking enthusiasts that might have something really interesting to offer.

Look up the newspaper: A lot of fixed gear bikes sale are always advertised in the newspaper so this is also a good choice to search for when it comes to buying one.
Ask: Don’t keep the search top secret. Instead, approach friends, family acquaintances and ask them for recommendations if they know somebody who deals in fixie bikes.

Motorcycle for Sale – Three Final Steps for Getting Top Dollar for Your Bike

In a previous article I talked about the impact a clean, well polished motorcycle can have on your price when selling a used bike. I also discussed the effect of including any unneeded parts and accessories in your bike sale. Here are a few more simple steps that can help you get the most cash for your current bike.

The tasks below should only take an hour or so to accomplish and should help to increase the value of your bike to prospective buyers. Just a bit of preparation will differentiate your bike from all the other used bikes for sale in your area.

Find Your Old Maintenance Records

If your old maintenance receipts are floating around your house, see if your can dig them up. Having records for all your past oil changes, tune-ups, tire changes etc. will set you apart from almost all other bike sellers. Since very few bike owners hold-on to their receipts, it’s just another way to demonstrate to buyers that you have taken very good care of the bike you’re selling.

When buying a bike, I’m always pleasantly surprised to find a seller with repair records since it usually means the bike has been meticulously maintained. So, if you have your receipts buried in a drawer somewhere, take a few minutes and round them up to show to prospective buyers.

Research your Bike’s Current Worth

If you do just one thing before you put your bike up for sale, this is it. This step will take just a few minutes and go a long way to insuring you’re getting a good price for your bike.

There are many sources to check used motorcycle prices but I have a favorite – the N.A.D.A. Appraisal Guide []. You can check the motorcycle section of N.A.D.A. out online to get the current retail value of your bike, including many popular options – very helpful! The site gives “Low and Average Retail” pricing for each bike model. If your bike is in good shape and you’ve followed my earlier advice, you should be able to get their top price.

I also recommend that you pick-up your local motorcycle classified publication or auto trader to compare your pricing with the other bikes for sale in your area. Usually, this will confirm the pricing you got from the N.A.D.A. Guide and you can be confident that your bike is priced right.

Write a Good Classified Ad

With a just little preparation, writing an effective classified ad for your motorcycle is a snap. The funny thing is many folks write awful ads for their bikes. The reason many ads are not effective is a lack of critical information. Being a big fan of used bikes, I’ve read thousands of motorcycle classifieds over the years and far too many have been missing essential things like engine size, model year or even price.

So, as you’re writing the ad for your bike, reference this checklist of essential elements:

Bike year, make & model
Engine size
Overall condition
Current miles
Any recent parts purchased
Any extra parts
Maintenance receipts (If you have them, of course)
Asking price
Contact info (Seems obvious but I’ve seen many without this)

I like to have a copy of the motorcycle classifieds handy when I write my ads to reference the common language and abbreviations for my ad. And if you store your bike indoors, mention it in the ad. Since so many bikes are kept outside all year, storing yours inside will set your bike apart to buyers.

And personally. I like to price my bike with an “Asking price” that allows buyers to haggle a bit and still settle on a price you’re comfortable with. And with a little luck, you may get the full asking price from your buyer.

Road Bikes For Sale – How To Choose The Right One For You

Choosing the right road bike can be very confusing when you see how many road bikes for sale there are. So what variables are there when looking at purchasing a road bike? And how do you choose the right one for you?

Lets start with…

Frame and Fork Materials

There are 4 main types of materials used in today’s bicycles. These are:-

Steel: High-quality steel frames integrate great design, superior assembly, and better alloys in the tubing. A popular quality steel for bicycle frames is American SAE 4130 steel, better known as “chrome molybdenum,” and referred to as “chromoly” or “chrome-moly.” Steel is an excellent fork material but is heavier than either aluminium or carbon fibre.

Aluminium: this is the most popular frame material. This magic ride is attributed to aluminum being the lightest frame material – even lighter than carbon and titanium. It makes aluminum frames great choices for racing and time trialing. And, unlike steel, aluminum won’t rust; another advantage.

Titanium:This is one of the longest lasting, strongest, and most expensive frame materials. Many cyclists and experts feel that it combines the best characteristics of all the other frame materials. It rivals aluminum in weight, is as comfortable as steel and it has a sprightly ride and electric handling that many riders swear by. The frames feel “alive,” as if each pedal stroke gets a boost from an inherent springiness in the frame. However they are expensive to produce and will certainly add to the overall road bike sale price.

Carbon Fiber: This is a relatively new material and creates a frame that is light, stiff and durable but is also very expensive due to the manufacturing complexities of carbon fiber. Carbon is a popular material for forks due to its natural ability to absorb shock while offering fine handling. Although, they’re not the best choice for heavy or aggressive riders, there are even all-carbon forks (weighing less than a pound). These are great if you want a superlight road bike and performance is high on your list of priorities.

Road Groups

What is this?? Well a group is comprised of brakes, hubs, chain, cassette, bottom bracket, crank, derailleurs, shifters and headset – basically all of the componentary of brakes and gearing. Shimano and Campagnolo are really the only two companies that sell Road Groups. Each company sells 5 groups ranging from the entry level quality and performance right up to the professional level. So if you see a road bike for sale cheap then ask the question “what quality of road group does it have?”

Tires and Rims

Tires and their rims need to be aerodynamic, durable and lightweight and this all affects the bike’s climbing, acceleration and handling. Box-section rims are lightweight, accelerate quickly, and provide the most comfort whereas aero-shaped rims are stronger, have less wind drag, and are stiffer which means less comfort. The choice of rim will come down to personal preference. So if you are reasonably light and love riding at a leisurely pace on rough pavement then the box -section will be the best choice however if you are heavy set, competitive and ride on smoother pavement then the stiffness of the aero-shaped rims will suit you better.

With tires, essentially the thicker they are the longer they will last,the more they absorb road shock but they will have more friction as there is more tire on the road, so racing styles will always be thinner. So if you are looking at all of the road bikes for sale, then keep all of these variations in mind and decide on what specific features are important to you.

Dirt Bikes For Sale – 5 Things You Should Check Before Purchasing a Dirt Bike

Are you looking for dirt bikes for sale? If this is your first dirt bike then buying a used bike may just be the way to go. You can see if this is something you want to do on an ongoing basis or is it is just a passing phase without spending a great deal of money.

If this is your first dirt bike, or even if you have purchase used dirt bikes before, there are several things you should look for above and beyond the obvious. Obviously you should check any potential purchase over for broken, torn, bent, worn, ripped, scratched, cracks, fractures or loose parts on the bike. But there are five things you should look for in addition:

First, you need to check out the brakes. How worn are they? Are there worn spots where the brake pads touch the bike? Is the front brake line worn out or is it time for it to be replaced? These might not be deal breakers, but they will be expenses you will have to bear, so you at least would want concessions made in the price for these items.

Second off, you should look for leaks. Check the bike over carefully, most particularly on the front fork. Look at the fork seal and check for any runs of oil going down the forks.

Third, check the chassis number on the bike. If the chassis number is scratched and unreadable, the bike is most likely stolen and your don’t want to be a party to that.

Fourth, question the present owner about his or her maintenance schedule. How often was the oil changed and have there been any major repairs. If the seller is asking for a premium price because of major work done on the bike or because of a rebuild, ask for proof the work has been done. Copies of the work orders and receipts should be furnished with any dirt bike sale.

And Fifth, if you are able, take the bike for a test ride. You will be able to tell a great deal about the bike once you’ve ridden it. If you are an inexperienced rider, ask to have the bike inspected by a mechanic or some other professional. They will often be able to see and hear problems a less experienced rider would miss.

Exercise Bikes For Sale – Buying Online is Your Best Bet

Where do you find the best exercise bikes for sale? If you are tired of wasting time looking at yard sales or have been surprised too many times by the prices that local stores consider “sale” prices, then it is time to take your shopping efforts across the country. Often, the best deal on an exercise bike is not going to happen in your own backyard. You have to expand your horizons and use the internet to your advantage, whether you are looking for a used or new bike.

When it comes to finding a great sale of exercise bikes, the internet is the best way to go. Not only is it convenient because you can do it from the comfort of your own home on your own schedule, but it often allows you to purchase a bike that retails in a price range that normally would retail well out of your budget.

This is why it is important to know about the best bikes on the market before you start shopping online exercise bike sales. Knowing which brands and models will meet your needs and their normal retail prices will help you spot really great deals when you see one. Often, you will be able to find more expensive bikes within the price range you are willing to pay. This means you can have a higher quality bike packed with more advanced features and technology without paying the premium prices they normally retail for.

Shopping an exercise bike sale is just like shopping the ads in the Sunday paper for local retailers. You want to shop around a little and know what is out there before making a final decision. The best sales will jump out at you and outshine all the other sale sites, so sit back and have a little fun seeing how sweet you can make the deal.

When purchasing used exercise bikes for sale, consider looking into the availability of replacement exercise bike parts for that particular brand and specific model before making the purchase. This is a good idea for new bikes as well, especially if the warranty does not cover the parts for more than a year or two.

Finding exercise bikes for sale is not very difficult. With a little looking around and the proper research of the market you could save hundreds of dollars on a high quality bike that will last for years to come.

Online Used Mountain Bike Sales and Purchases

It is not necessary that everyone can afford to buy a brand new mountain bike. You don’t have to be rich or a big spender if you are a mountain bike lover. I know a lot of people who prefer to buy used but in good condition mountain bikes just because they can’t afford to buy a new one or preferred to tryout a used less expensive just to try it out before investing in an expensive top of the line model.

Earlier it was a very tedious job when you had to sell off your old bike or when you needed to buy a used bike. You had to look around and ask a lot of people of put up you ads all over the town to find a buyer. This routine has changed to a more convenient, faster and much better way with the advent of sale and purchase sites on the internet.

If you are interested in buying a used bike just search for used mountain bikes for sale and pick out the nearest one to your home. You will find sites which advertise sellers in your area and even give you a price comparison so that you are not ripped off.

If you want to sell your old bike get registered on anyone of the internet market places and place your add. Any buyer near you will automatically contact you and you get your deal.

This is in my experience the quickest and hassle free method to achieve your goal in the shortest of time.
So let’s say good bye to the old ways of hauling your things out for a garage sale and waiting for a buyer who would surely hassle you with a bargain and price reduction and no chance for anyone coming after dark. But here online you will get buyers 24/7 and only those willing to pay your price will contact you.

How to Completely Blow a Bike Sale

I bought a cheap bike today. It was about $200. I am sure it’s not the greatest bike in the world, but it is new and clean, it has two wheels, a seat and gets me where I am going, which was the whole reason I wanted one in the first place.

To be honest, I don’t know much about the differences between a cheap bike, an average one or an expensive one, other than well… price really. I even checked around online looking for average prices, which were anywhere from $100 to $1000, so I assumed I could find something somewhere in the middle that was good enough.

The problem though was that I had NO IDEA, and still don’t about what exactly a good bike is. I was hoping to find someone to tell me.

So, I decided to go to an actual “bike store” where I expected to find a knowledgeable bicycle salesman who could tell me all about them and sell one to me. That’s why people go to bike stores usually. They are looking to buy a bike and get information about them.

They have a need, (they want a bike) and the bike store has the solution (BIKES!)

Well, so one would think.

The first store we walked in to was this huge, popular specialty bike store with a large selection of high priced models, lots of accessories, what seemed like 3 service desks with lots of tools and people standing around talking about, you guessed it, bikes.

We walked around for a while, checked out some models, noticed some prices, high and low and waited for someone to come and sell one to me.

But they didn’t.

You see I wanted to be sold. I wanted a full service sales experience. I wanted a knowledgeable professional to talk to me and ask me what kind of bike I was looking for and suggest to me the best one.

Oh and I didn’t just need a bike, mind you. I needed a lock too, some reflectors to make it legal, and who knows… maybe there is a whole lot of other related stuff I needed, that I still don’t know if I needed, but since there was nobody around to tell me I needed it, I still don’t have them.

I most definitely would have needed a service agreement, because since I don’t know anything about bikes, if it broke, I would need someone to fix it and I certainly would have been willing to pay for that too.

But I didn’t get that either.

Unfortunately, nobody at the “bike store” thought to ask me if I needed help, and as a result, failed to sell me a bike, at their bike store. So… I walked around the corner to the Wall Mart and bought a cheap one for $200. As I mentioned, it’s an OK bike. At least I think it is…

I couldn’t tell you for sure though, because there was nobody around to tell me so.

I guess I’ll have to go to a bike store and find out. Oh wait…

To summarize, I am always surprised when I hear people describe how hard sales is. To me sales isn’t really so hard as long as sometimes, you are just willing to be there to take a customer’s money.

Sean Earley is an American designer, entrepreneur, blogger, and online marketer currently living in Wiesbaden Germany with his wife and daughter. His current primary focus is interaction design, user experience and user Interface (UI) design for mobile applications and social networking platforms.

When he is not designing amazing products, he is busy writing, playing guitar and dreaming up new online ventures.

What You Should Know About Mountain Bike Sales

Mountain bikes are fun to ride and it is a very thrilling and adventurous sport. This is exactly how a mountain bike owner can also be described.

If you are in to sales of adventure sports gear and bikes, you should know a few things about making mountain bike sales.

Know Your Buyers

o What you should understand is that your clients are in most of the cases young people who are not couch potatoes, but men and women who love the outdoors. They can be just armature enthusiasts or pros. But the common factor will be that they will be adventure loving people. They will be concerned about the performance and grip of the bike. Than any other thing.
o In some case there will be kids with parents accompanying them. These buyers will have more safety concerns than fun on their minds (parents and not the kids).
o Some people also prefer these bikes as daily commuters. These folks are more concerned about speed and safety.

Know Your Product

o As a sales person it is very important for you to know the detail specifications of your product which you can give to your client.
o Besides these specifications you should also know what is hot and popular around these days. Certain details about which model is preferred by which pro, would be a great help for the biking enthusiasts.
o You should be able to guide your customers about accessories, add on and the available upgrades available for each model. Also the compatibility and non compatibility of these upgrades.

Be a Guide Not a Seller

In most of the cases, you will be entertaining novices and first time buyers. If you act correctly you would probably have them coming around often for upgrades and accessories. This you can only achieve by being their guide into the world of biking. Give them good and solid advice. Do not try to rip them off, rather be their mentor. Guide them in buying the right thing for them.

Remember customers are a precious commodity, if you lose them, you will not be able to sell.

Where to Find Schwinn Recumbent Exercise Bikes for Sale

Are you looking for a Recumbent Exercise machine for sale? You are not alone in this search. As the weather turns cool many people are looking for these bikes for a good price. This is the reason I have written supplying this information about getting really good deals.

Why are Schwinn Recumbent Exercise Bikes so popular?

As you snuggle down under the bedclothes on these cool and sometimes freezing mornings the thought of getting into your gym clothes and traveling downtown to exercise becomes too hard to face. In fact, even though you know you should, you just ignore the reminder and snuggle back down under the blankets.

But what if your own exercise bike is just down the hallway in your own home? It is warm and air-conditioned and you are able to do your exercise routine in your pyjamas! How good is that?

There are a number of advantages that continue to be raised by those who have their own Recumbent Exercise Bikes and some of these are:

• The ease of use no matter what level of fitness training you are at. Because the elevation of your body can be changed to wherever your comfort level is these exercise and fitness machines suit all ages and fitness levels.

• The ability to multi-task while working-out is attractive and prevents boredom with repetition style exercise.

You can watch TV, read, listen to your ipod, radio, or your choice of recording device. You could probably knit or embroider if you wanted to!

• The term recumbent literally means “lying down.” This allows for full ergonomic back support while exercising without the arms, neck and shoulder suffering strain.

• Having your fitness equipment convenient and readily available means you are more likely to stick to your training program and gain better fitness and health.

Now, how do you find a great sale of Schwinn Recumbent Fitness Bikes?

There are several stores online that sell this exercise equipment. There is a variety of offers available ranging from discounts, coupons and simply low prices. Free shipping is a big attraction with large items like the Exercise Bikes.

So finding the best offer available requires being a bit of a sleuth or else, the better way, is to find someone who has done or the investigation and comparisons for you.

To find the best prices and offers available for Schwinn Recumbent Exercise Bikes sales visit Purchase Exercise Bikes Blog. It has some really good deals listed and it is a great time saver for you to use.

Hero Honda Bikes – Two Wheeler Vehicles of Indians

ero Honda has been the market leader in manufacturing motor-cylces in India for years, with its two wheelers being favorite amongst Indians. The company is a joint venture between Hero Group of India and Japanese auto giant Honda. As of now the company is the largest manufacturer of two-wheelers in the world.

Hero Honda was established in 1984. The company started to roll out vehicles and soon the products of the company became popular with Indian buyers due to their fuel efficiency and dependability. Splendor has been the best seller-bike, which sells more than 1 million bikes a year.

As of now the company Hero Honda has 3 manufacturing plants. Two are based at Dharuhera and Gurgaon in Haryana, while the third is at Haridwar in Uttarakhand. The company brings out around 39 lakh bikes annually. The company has a sales and service network of more than 3,000 dealerships and service stations in the country.

After the opening of the Indian economy, the auto industry in India has been growing fast. All major companies like Toyota, Ford, Honda, BMW, Mercedes etc are now operating in the Indian car market. With the growing sales of cars, even bike sales have gone up significantly. Many people used to think that bike sales will get influenced by the large number of sales of cars in India. However, they all have been proved wrong as bikes are still selling in large numbers. The middle class Indians still prefer a mean of commuting which is both economical and dependable. Bikes are good for the Indian market as they are cheaper to buy and less expensive to maintain.

One reason of the success of Hero Honda was also the closed economy of the country, that did not encourage presence of large number of players in the market. The competition was not good enough at that time. At that time the waiting period of scooters of Bajaj was too long. Even other two-wheeler makers like Royal Enfield and Escort had long waiting lists. The large amount of production and expansion of selling point was also a reason of the success of Hero Honda bikes.