What You Should Know About Mountain Bike Sales

Mountain bikes are fun to ride and it is a very thrilling and adventurous sport. This is exactly how a mountain bike owner can also be described.

If you are in to sales of adventure sports gear and bikes, you should know a few things about making mountain bike sales.

Know Your Buyers

o What you should understand is that your clients are in most of the cases young people who are not couch potatoes, but men and women who love the outdoors. They can be just armature enthusiasts or pros. But the common factor will be that they will be adventure loving people. They will be concerned about the performance and grip of the bike. Than any other thing.
o In some case there will be kids with parents accompanying them. These buyers will have more safety concerns than fun on their minds (parents and not the kids).
o Some people also prefer these bikes as daily commuters. These folks are more concerned about speed and safety.

Know Your Product

o As a sales person it is very important for you to know the detail specifications of your product which you can give to your client.
o Besides these specifications you should also know what is hot and popular around these days. Certain details about which model is preferred by which pro, would be a great help for the biking enthusiasts.
o You should be able to guide your customers about accessories, add on and the available upgrades available for each model. Also the compatibility and non compatibility of these upgrades.

Be a Guide Not a Seller

In most of the cases, you will be entertaining novices and first time buyers. If you act correctly you would probably have them coming around often for upgrades and accessories. This you can only achieve by being their guide into the world of biking. Give them good and solid advice. Do not try to rip them off, rather be their mentor. Guide them in buying the right thing for them.

Remember customers are a precious commodity, if you lose them, you will not be able to sell.